About VPATAPP_A mobile app about patents’ world

Pasted below is a mail received from IPR Pharm, as it is:

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,
Greetings. Your team would definitely find this useful and handy. A mobile app about the world of patents.

This app is available free of cost on android play store and iOS app store. The app is downloaded in more than 30+ countries including India, Brazil, Peru, USA, Netherlands, Colombia, UK, Malaysia, Ukraine, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Mexico, Denmark, Philippines, Spain, Singapore, France, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Brunei, Italy, Kenya, Romania, Egypt, Sweden, Israel, Portugal, Nigeria and many others.

This tiny app provides the quick links for patent related websites including,

1. Worldwide Patent law firms directory;
2. Worldwide patent blogs from different regions like USA, Europe, BRIC, Latin America, Africa, and Asia-pacific including India;
3. Journals in the area of Intellectual Property Law especially patents;
4. Weekly or monthly official gazettes or registers published by different patent offices across the world;
5. Patent classification systems;
6. Patent search websites available from patent offices across the world;
7. Updated full text patent acts of different countries as published by the patent offices or WIPO;
8. Worldwide full time LLM/Masters/ Graduate courses in IP;
9. Links for Supplementary Protection Certificates across different European countries.

I would be pleased if you can circulate about the app in within patent attorney network and spread the word if you feel it worth. Also, if you can download the app and suggest your comments and reviews, that would be great for the cause.

Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.gunadhya.vpatapp
iOS app: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/vpatapp/id1072275002?mt=8

Request you to share this internally to your patent/IPR teams.

Thanks and regards,
Team IPR Pharm