Global Patent Applications Rose to 2.9 Million in 2015 on Strong Growth From China; Demand Also Increased for Other Intellectual Property Rights

As per WIPO Press Release dated 23 November 2016, Innovators in China powered global patent applications to a new record in 2015, filing more than a million applications for the first time ever within a single year amid rising worldwide demand for intellectual property rights that undergird economic activity.

The release further states:In total, innovators around the world lodged some 2.9 million patent applications in 2015, representing a 7.8% increase over 2014 and the sixth straight year of rising demand for patent protection, according to WIPO’s annual World Intellectual Property Indicators (WIPI) report. Trademark applications jumped by 15.3% to about 6 million in 2015, as worldwide industrial design applications grew by 2.3% to 872,800.

While Chinese innovators filed the most patent applications (1,010,406) in 2015, followed by those from the United States of America (526,296) and Japan (454,285), they are comparatively home-focused: Innovators based in China filed 42,154 applications for patents outside their own borders, while U.S.-based innovators were the most outward-looking, with 237,961 patent applications filed abroad.

The report’s special theme focuses on measuring women’s participation in
international patenting ( .
It concludes that there has been considerable improvement in women’s participation
in international patenting. However, despite this improvement, only 29% of all PCT
international applications filed in 2015 involved women inventors. Furthermore,
women participation rates vary across countries, fields of technology and
institutional sectors. Overall, women tend to have a greater gender balance in
patenting in life sciences and the academia sector.

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