Happy New Year

Dear Patrons ansd colleagues,

Wonder It Is
That you and I are batting still there
When many have closed their innings
As the year rolled by months
And the Grand Umpire raised his finger.

Wonder it is
That a little bird tweets
That the game score is
The runs of all players
Out and not out and yet to bat
Before the match is over.

Wonder it is
That the owl posts
That game is the thing and not win or loss
All are to play as the rule says
And enter and quit on time the crease
That so others come in and take part
For limited is the time and space.

Let us then play on and on
Till the stumps are drawn
As the year moves in its pace
As the moon waxes and wanes
As the days transit from season to season
Yet untouched by ups and downs
And make it annus mirabilis.

Wish you all A WONDERFUL 2017.