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Magnitude of the problem of Counterfeiting and Piracy in India

India has a large drug manufacturing industry, which currently comprises of 250 large units, about 8000 small-scale units, including 5 central Public sector units. These units produce a complete range of formulations and bulk drugs.
(Source: Asia Times online)
Fake medicines are estimated to occupy between 15 to 20 percent of the total Indian market. Not only allopathic drugs have spurious competition, but fake homeopathic drugs are also spreading in the market
(Source: Tribune News Service)
Music industry is passing through difficult times; 40% of music industry’s production ends being copied and distributed illegally in India. Loss of revenue to music industry is Rs 600 crores annually and film industry is of Rs 2000 crores/ year since last 3 years due to piracy.
In India 1 in 3 automotive parts are copied. Spurious car parts takes up an estimated 37% of the market in India.
(Source MEMA)
The impact of counterfeiting in FMCG sector is 8-10%, hampering quality of goods as well as raising concerns about health issues.
10 % of the major soft drinks sold in India are fakes & 10-30 % of cosmetics, toiletries and packaged foods are counterfeited.
  A random search of registered Indian companies reveals that:
There are over 60 companies starting with the word ‘Nike’;
65 companies starting with the word ‘Rolex’;
217 companies starting with the word ‘Intel’.
This is not limited to multinationals and there are 136 companies beginning with the word Tata, and over 400 companies beginning with the word ‘Reliance’.


The FICCI-National Initiative Against Piracy and Counterfeiting (FICCI-NIAPC) was setup in the year 2003 to create awareness about the menace of piracy and counterfeiting and to take initiatives to fight this scourge with a vision of creating an environment where innovations are rewarded and creative entities flourish. The initiative aims to promote awareness of the dangers and consequences of piracy and to strengthen the capacities of the enforcement system in association with professional bodies, training institutions and concerned departments of the Government.

Advocacy Functions

The National Initiative has four specific advocacy functions :

Policy and legislative issues
Judicial issues
Enforcement issues
Awareness Campaign

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By Elizabeth March, WIPO Magazine Editorial Team** Source: WIPO Magazine Issue No. 6/2008 dated June 2008
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