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Indian IP Laws

Industrial Property


The Patents Act No. 39, September 1970.
The Patent Rules, 1972.
The Repealing and Amending Act No. 56 of 1974.
The Delegated Legislation Provisions (Amendment) Act No. 4 of 1985.
The Patents (Amendment) Act, March 1999.
The Patents (Amendment) Act June 2002.
The Patent (Amendment) Ordinance, 2004.
The Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2005.

Bare Act, Rules and other details are available at -

Trade Marks

The Trade and Merchandise Marks Act No. 43, October 1958, as amended.
The Trade and Merchandise Marks Rules 1959.
The Trade Marks Act No. 47 of 1999, in force from September 2003.

The Act Rules and other details are available at


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By Elizabeth March, WIPO Magazine Editorial Team** Source: WIPO Magazine Issue No. 6/2008 dated June 2008
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