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3A. Prof. (Ms.) S.K. Verma - Prof. Verma is a highly acclaimed expert in Intellectual Property Laws and also specializes in International Public and Economic Laws. Professor Verma is SJD ( Harvard , USA ) LL.M. ( Berkeley , USA ) and LL.M. (BHU). Her assignments include Director, Indian Law Institute, New Delhi and Professor of Law University of Delhi. Prof. Verma is presently Team Leader in the IPR component of the EU-India Trade & Investment Development Program (TIDP).

4. Mr. Amarjit Singh - Mr. Amarjit Singh is founder and senior partner, Amarjit and Associates law firm, New Delhi and registered patent agent under the Indian Patents Act. A highly experienced IP Attorney who has handled IP litigation in India as well as abroad, Mr Singh is visiting faculty in the Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and IP institutes across the country. He is a regular speaker at national seminars, conferences and workshops organized by the Government of India, Chambers of Commerce and Universities. Mr. Singh has acted as a counsel in over 3000 cases in India and has held senior positions in various professional and civic associations and has authoured numerous publications on IP law and enforcement issues.

5. Dr. S. Chakravarthy Indian Administrative Service (Retd.) - Dr. S. Chakravarthy is a Civil Servant by profession. He was Special Chief Secretary, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Member, MRTP Commission, Member High Level Committee on Competition Policy and Law and Member of the new Indian Competition Law Drafting Committee. Presently he is a Consultant on Competition .

6. Mr. A.K. Mukerji Director General Forests (Retd.) - Mr. Mukerji is a recognized national expert in forestry sector planning , project management, evaluation and review, project formulation and investment planning & development, joint sector management & designing of institutional curricula for human resource development through training. He has also considerable international experience in his areas of specialization and had undertaken several international assignments as senior consultant on behalf of FAO, UNDP, UNEP, ADB, FORSPA and EU Commission.

7. Dr. V.K. Gupta - Dr. V.K. Gupta is a senior scientist presently researching the issues of intellectual property rights, WTO, and S&T policy reforms in the context of Indian R&D policy and management . His main areas of specialization include international affairs in science and technology, S&T policy and management, dual use technology and export controls, transfer of technology, and human resource management. He has more than 30 years of experience in these fields and has written several publications and technical reports.

The Scientist, the Patent and the Mangoes - Tripling the Mango Yield in the Philippines

By Elizabeth March, WIPO Magazine Editorial Team** Source: WIPO Magazine Issue No. 6/2008 dated June 2008
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