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April 26, 2012

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Ever wondered the all pervasive pressure of intellectual Property (IP) in our life! Not a speck of our life remains untouched by the IP. Be it the backpack you carry to your school, or the watch you love to boast of amoung your friends, or that new jazzy CD player you are listening, or slurping your favorite dish, all carry a tag of IP.

Now, that is this IP? Simply put, IP or Intellectual Property is a legal connotation, which provides exclusive rights to creators to use or authorize others to use their works in a certain manner. It involves the recognition to the creator as well as ecomomic incentive for his creation.

IP can be divided into two categories. The first is Copyright and related rights, which include a broad range of literary and artistic works, written, performed, and recorded. The second category is that of industrial property, which broadly includes, Inventions (Patents), Trademarks, Industrial Designs, and Geographical indications.

Now that you've seen some of the ways in which Intellectual Property affects your life everyday, think about how valuable IP is, to you ans your world. Without it the joy of creation and its indulgence will be gone. So, the onus lies on all of us to protect the rights of those who create and innovate.

The next time you wish to download a song from internet without paying for it, or buy a counterfiet jeans, THINK about the rights of your favourite artists who have worked so hard to create your favorite tunes, or the designers who creates the cloths you like. And then IMAGINE what the world would be like if such people were not around to CREATE the products you adore.

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By Elizabeth March, WIPO Magazine Editorial Team** Source: WIPO Magazine Issue No. 6/2008 dated June 2008
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