President NIPO is a co-chair of T-20 Task Force 3 -Call for Abstracts

Dear Chairs & Co-Chairs,
As you may be aware, the T20’s ‘Call for Abstracts’ for policy briefs is now open on the T20 official website. The policy briefs emerging from the T20 process will be presented to G20 working groups, ministerial meetings and leaders’ summits to help the G20 deliver concrete policy measures.
The T20 is divided into seven task forces whose details you will find on the website and in the ‘Call for Abstracts’. We are writing to invite experts like yourself from various geographies to contribute abstracts for Task Force 3 (TF-3), i.e. 'LiFE, Resilience, and Values for Wellbeing'. Your abstract should focus on any of the workstreams under this Task Force (TF-3 Summary and Workstreams).
Please feel free to circulate the ‘Call for Abstracts’ within your networks. 
Additionally, on the short-form submissions (format given below), we request for contributions focusing on any of the work streams within this Task Force (TF-3 Summary and Workstreams). This will entail cross-learning about the challenges, strategies, as well as solutions that are imperative in the near future. The contributions will go through our standard peer reviews and editing processes, and we will be in touch with them as required. The contribution will be carried as a commentary piece on the T20 website. Please click on this link to see a sample of a short article for your reference.
Kindly note the following (format):
  1. Word limit: 1000-1200 words.
  2. In case you plan to use infographics from other sources, please cite and add the web link to the original source. For any original charts/graphs, please share the relevant raw data in an excel sheet.
  3. All citations should be hyperlinked to the relevant text.
  4. Please share a short one-line bio at the end of the essay. 
We would be happy to have you contribute to this important development agenda.  
And do write to us in case you require any further information.
Warm Regards,
Shoba Suri (Senior Fellow, ORF) & Soumya Bhowmick (Associate Fellow, ORF)
Think20, Task Force 3 Coordinators