Collective Mgmt. Org.

The Copyright (Amendment) Act, 1994 provides for setting up separate CopyrightSocieties for different categories of works. So far four Copyright Societies have been registered: 

Society for Copyright Regulation of Indian Producers of Films and Television (SCRIPT) for cinematograph films.
Indian Performing Right Society Limited, (IPRS) for musical works-Link 
Phonographic Performance Limited,(PPL) for sound recordings Link- 
Indian Reprographic Rights Organization (IRRO) for books/literature/artistic 
photocopy rights.

These societies have been actively participating in generating awareness about Copyright and IPR issues. They also have set up their own Anti Piracy Cells which in collaboration with Police/Enforcement authorities have been actively engaged in curbing piracy in musical/sound recording works. Department of Secondary and Higher Education interacts frequently with these Copyright Societies and encourages them to be proactive in the field of Copyright Administration.