IP Enforcement Firms

IP Rights violation or IP crime has been growing at an unprecedented rate affecting everything that is manufactured and has a commercial value. Effective IPR enforcement is essential as it provides statutory expression to the moral and economic rights of creators and prevents the creative community from being robbed of its reward for effort and innovation.

IP crime has affected numerous product categories and sectors ranging from horticulture, pharmaceuticals, auto-industries to agrochemicals, electronics and luxury goods. The offenders keep pace with the latest technology and trends in the global market generating billons of dollars through piracy and counterfeiting with total disregard for humanitarian considerations.

As a result, consumers are increasingly harmed by unsafe counterfeit products ultimately leading to a loss of consumer confidence and a reduced incentive to invest. IP crimes such as piracy and counterfeiting inflict great personal losses on creators and owners of intellectual property.


· International IP Crime Investigators College An INTERPOL Initiative in Co-operation with UL https://www.iipcic.org/aboutIPCrime.php

· The IP Crime Group




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