IP Trading

IP trading involves developing strategies that focus on commercialization and monetization of Intellectual Property through methods such as patent pools, cross-licensing and by selling (assigning) or licensing the rights to a third party. IP can be traded through processes such as merchandising, brand-extension licensing, technology-transfer licensing and research collaboration.

The commercialization of IP depends on a comprehensive understanding of the skills and tools required to transform an intellectual asset into a commercially viable product that generates financial returns. It is easy to gather a portfolio of IP rights; however, they involve a certain maintenance cost so the value of those rights in the business need to be regularly assessed. If these rights are not adding value, drop them! If you are not using a right, consider methods by which you can create value by selling or licensing the right. Should you let the rights lapse? If you don’t have the rights you need to run your business, how can you get them?

All of these issues need to be considered and worked through regularly. Firms which have expertise in buying and selling IP and are interested to advertise in this space may write to us with full particulars and credentials at [email protected].

Some well-known IP Trading Platforms include: