Are You a Designer?

Are your designs protected through Registration under the Copyrights or the Industrial designs Acts?

Do you feel that you would be creating limited copies of your design through an industrial process?

Even though recent controversies about ownership of garment and other designs has made the design community very aware about the importance and need for IP protection of their creations, designers are hardly able to get their works registered due to cumbersome and sometimes-expensive processes involved under the Indian Designs Act 2000 and the Copyright Act 1957, which protect such Intellectual property.

While registration of a copyright or design is often time consuming and economically non-viable, the Indian Copyright Act provides for protection of design merely by virtue of its publication and communication to the public.

You can avail the services for publishing designs on the NIPO portal which would host pictures as well as other details of the IP sought to be protected by virtue of its publication/communication to the public.

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